Where busy light indicators can aid your business

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Where busy light indicators can aid your business

Busy light indicators are slowly becoming more and more popular as they become more advanced and compatible with a broader range of platforms. This has allowed more businesses to invest in these busy light indicators as they no longer require additional disruptions to the current software and technology systems.

What are busy light indicators?

Busy light indicators are designed to let your colleagues know when you are occupied or available to talk. It will switch on when you or a colleague is on the phone and then switches off when the call has ended. It can also be set up for various tasks so that workers are not interrupted during important tasks. For systems using headsets, it can also illuminate when there is an incoming call or message so that none of these are missed.

Why you should be investing in busy light indicators

Improved productivity

This is probably the most obvious advantage of investing in busy light indicators. As colleagues are now able see when others are on the phone or occupied with an important task, they won’t interrupt those people and they won’t unnecessarily stop the work they are doing either.

Knowing when people are and are not occupied allows everyone to work on the tasks at hand effectively and only interrupt others when they are not in the middle of important tasks or simply have the free time to aid in other areas.

Increased quality of work

Busy light indicators allow employees to really focus on the work that is in front of them. They no longer have the worry of being interrupted and know that they can simply narrow in on a given task by setting up their busy light indicator accordingly.

This will improve the quality of the work completed, as well as productivity mentioned above, as people are not rushing to complete tasks to help others. Employees know that they have the time to focus on the task at hand and won’t be bothered with other tasks until it is done.

Better client service

This is particularly important for those who are regularly on calls but also applies to other tasks. When on a call to a client it is important that 100% of the attention is devoted to them without interruptions. Without busy light indicators, those who are on the phone may be regularly interrupted and this can degrade the importance that the client feels and also reduce the total service capability.

If colleagues know when each other are on the phone to clients then those on the phone are able to devote all of their energy and attention to the client. This enables them to better serve them and meet their needs as they are listening more closely and can react faster to requests or concerns. This makes the client feel important and valued and is likely to encourage them to spend more money with the firm or communicate the quality of service to other businesses creating a stronger reputation.