Why you should adopt a desk booking system for your workplace

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Why you should adopt a desk booking system for your workplace

Have you heard about the new wave of desk booking solutions available for modern workplaces? Are you looking to implement hot, flexible or fixed desk use at your office?

In modern offices, employees spend a fraction of their day at their tables. It has been shown that 30% of all tables are empty and are thus occupying precious real estate in the office. Therefore, in order to maximize the use of workspaces and reduce overhead costs, many companies are turning to desk booking systems to foster greater collaboration, teamwork, efficiency, and flexibility. It is a great solution for firms with many casual, part-time or contracted employees.

Hot desking is a form of office hoteling that can be used by anybody at any time. Flexible tables are available at specific times and activity-based or fixed tables can be reserved for certain departments or teams.

Benefits of installing a desk booking system in your workplace:

Easy scheduling of tables

When you use our EMS Software or Space Connect, you can instantly schedule and manage desk bookings, which can be reserved in advance or used ad hoc. Consequently, this increases the flexibility of the organization and creates a more dynamic business environment. In addition, you will be able to filter and select your location preferences when searching for available tables.

Seamless check in and check out

With our presence detection products, employees can automatically check in and check out or a desk or workspace. By eliminating the previously manual process of recording employee workspace utilization, this record can never be missed and thus will provide accurate data to managers.

Generate reports on table usage

By adopting our analytics tool, the Density Feature License for EMS Software, you will be able to generate comprehensive data on workspace usage within your organization. In doing so, you can create accurate reports for managers.

Maximize your workspace

As our products will give you workspace usage reports, they can be analyzed to drive insights to help inform your future decision-making. This can be in regards to how your workspace is currently used, for example, the frequency of booked tables and at which times they are in the highest demand. With this information you can improve your workspace design to ensure efficient utilisation. Moreover, it will help you reach the full potential of your office real estate and help to reduce your energy costs.

Effortlessly search for employees

You will be able to effortlessly locate employees and colleagues at their tables by loading your own floorplan onto the system and using an interactive way finder. Maps will also include user availability to ensure you will be able to find a coworker at the right time for a chat, rather than interrupt them during an important call or while they are focusing on an important task.

At Embrava, we have made desk booking easy. By implementing our products, your company will be able to maintain flexible and effective work arrangements. Furthermore, this kind of system will reduce your overhead costs and boost productivity.