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Contact Center Optimization for Genesys PureCloud

Status lights that streamline agent-supervisor communication to get the most from your contact center.

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Agent Status Display

Our status lights display different colors as the state of an agent changes so that supervisors can quickly see and understand the overall state of their contact center.

  • Busy
  • Available
  • Away
  • On Queue

Call & Wrap-Up Duration Alerts

Our status lights can be configured to flash and display different colors depending on the length of a call or wrap-up so supervisors can quickly identify and assist agents who may be struggling with a call.

These alerts significantly improve the efficiency of your contact center boosting your end customer experience.

Call For Supervisor

With a press of a button, an agent can change the color of their status light to flag to their supervisor that they require assistance.

This feature further enhances the effectiveness of your call center allowing more calls to be answered and quickly resolved.

Personal Wallboard

Use our Blynclight Nameplate as a personal wallboard placed beside an agent to provide them with their own call stats or next to a supervisor to provide them with real-time data about their call center.

The Personal Wallboard can be configured to display/flash different colors to notify agents or supervisors on certain events from lengthy calls to insufficent agents ready.

Once we deployed Embrava status lights in our contact center, the improvement in agent efficiency and performance was immediate.

- Stephen Harman, HBCS


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